You have to survive

You have to survive
Every day is a battle, survival is rule #1

Monday, June 25, 2012

I have been trading in the mornings on the 5 min chart for nasdaq futures in real time.  i made several mistakes on the first few days and then i started to improve toward the end of the ten days.  I made mistakes cuz i was not used to trading with my new smart phone nor making morning day grades o  a 5 minute chart.  by improving, i mean taking a smaller loss or just finding the entry easier.

6/4/12    -10pts (about)
6/11/12    +4.25pts
6/12/12     -4.75pts
6/13/12       0 (break even)
6/14/12      -12pts
6/19/12       +12.25pts
6/20/12       -3.75pts
6/21/12       +1.75pts
6/22/12        -6.75pts
6/25/12        +12pts

Lets see what happens over the next ten trades...


  1. Which smart phone are you using. You might have told me before, but I suffer from a short term memory.

    I'm sure you are aware, but fyi, the YM is $5 a point, a bit more forgiving than the NQ when wrong.

    Good luck

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