You have to survive

You have to survive
Every day is a battle, survival is rule #1

Monday, October 5, 2015

Government is ready but clueless

Current and former government officials at a Federal Reserve Bank of Boston conference agreed that US financial regulators can't be expected to prevent another financial crisis like the one that hit in 2008, because they don't know yet what they need to do.

I guess they will never know what to do.  Proactivity Is still a guessing game in my age.  But that might be what gives me opportunity.

Friday, October 2, 2015

African exchanges

At the moment there are 29 stock exchanges in Africa.  20 of them were started in the 1990's or later. only 3 have over 100 listings and several have less than 20 listings.  Better extremely slow, non-lucrative and late than never.

There is financial news in africa, mostly with egypt, nigeria and south africa but noone cares.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


He portends doom: “Those trend-following knuckleheads on Wall Street don’t realize it (yet), but the stock market will fall without the Fed’s help, because corporate America is starting to really struggle,” predicts Sagami.

Sagami’s evidence? Just 37% of companies have increased their revenue forecasts over the last six months, the smallest number since the 2001 dot-com bust. And just 49% of stocks have seen their earnings-per-share estimates revised up, the least amount since 2012.

What this all means is that Wall Street and its “cheering-pit traders” understand the stock market is going to drop like a stone unless more central-bank stimulus is coming, he says. “Wall Street continues to tell you and me to keep buying stocks, while behind the scenes they are becoming more bearish by the week,” he says.

It all makes sense to me.  Brokers make money when people buy and sell.  They might as well keep bringing in buyers until its scary.  Selling is inevitable when the big drop comes.  The average joe is not scared of a market down turn yet even though in other countries lives are becoming ruined.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Now the healthcare sector is taking blame for the market dropping.

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn said the Fed's low interest rates are creating bubbles in markets for art, property and "junk" bonds.

Sp500 index could break through its -10% support level any hour now.

Monday, September 28, 2015

More Italian tax evasion

Pope Francis inherited a Roman Catholic Church in a unique type of crisis, an institution that was widely perceived as out of touch with modernity and unable to live up to its own eternal values. But he was also burdened with a very different kind of problem: managing a financial institution immersed in money laundering and tax evasion charges and reluctant to change. 
Francis has been widely recognized for his efforts to move the church into the modern era, but his work on financial reforms at the Vatican bank, once called the "most secret bank in the world," hasn't gotten as much attention.
The Vatican bank's shadowy dealings have been well documented over the years, particularly the 1982 death of Roberto Calvi. Calvi, known as "God's Banker," was found hanging from Blackfriars Bridge in London, his pockets stuffed full of bricks and more than 10,000 British pounds in cash. Two weeks later, the bank where Calvi served as chairman and in which the Catholic Church was the largest shareholder, Banco Ambrosiano, collapsed. The bank was suspected of laundering money from Mafia drug trafficking. The Vatican, the Italian government said at the time, was the bank's "effective partner." The Church admitted "moral involvement" in the collapse and paid creditors $241 million.
The Vatican's financial troubles became very public again in September 2010, when Italian authorities seized a 23 million euro transfer out of the Vatican bank. An Italian bank rejected the Vatican bank's request to move the money because the Vatican bank would not provide basic information -- the reason for the transaction, and the identity of the sender and recipient -- that are required by financial regulators in order to detect money laundering and other illicit activities. The lack of transparency ended up triggering a minor banking crisis, prompting other European and international banks to refuse to do business with the Vatican bank. 

Someone should make a movie about this.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pope francis = the news, china's prez = a blip

Mention the Chinese Dream to anyone in China now, however, and you’ll likely receive a round of salty insults exploding like lead shot.

Ask the ant tribe. They’re educated, young professionals who live in near-poverty conditions, grinding away at soul-crushing jobs—not careers—that yield no personal satisfaction and zero financial growth. Typically from rural areas, most have settled in northwest Beijing, where their living quarters are cramped and they have no personal space. They’re smart, they work hard, yet receive no recognition and can’t shake off anonymity. So, people call them ants.

“I borrowed money from my parents and invested in the stock market, then I lost most of it in the past few months,” said Xiao Xian Zheng, an office worker originally from Hebei province who graduated from university four years ago with a degree in accounting.. “My parents have never asked me about the money, but I’m sure they know and I feel extremely guilty.”

China’s stock market has seen much better days. Despite billions of yuan thrown into the market as stimulus, investors were hit with plummeting share prices. When state-backed interventions failed, the Chinese government blamed foreign powers for manipulating the financial system, then tried to arrest its way out of embarrassment. A well-respected financial journalist, Wang Xiaolu, was placed on air to “confess” to triggering stock market chaos through his reporting. The scapegoating provided little consolation to investors whose money had vaporized.

The news is covering every detail of  the pope's visit to the us while Xi Ping is also here trying to promote business in china.

Most people would rather watch someone who is promoting reasonable leniency to immigrants, not bullying gay/transgendered people but respecting heterosexual marriage which is preferred, being mature christians in life overall.