You have to survive

You have to survive
Every day is a battle, survival is rule #1

Monday, July 27, 2015

No ticky, no laundry

“Large parts of the market are closed, and those stocks that are still trading are selling off regardless of support measures. Clearly something very serious is happening,” said one economist.

The long-standing assumption that the Chinese authorities know what they are doing has been shattered.

The government’s heavy-handed measures include a ban on short sales and on new share issues, as well as pressure on the 300 largest companies to buy back their own stock, and forced purchases of stocks by brokerage houses.

Many investors are effectively trapped with margin debt used to buy the stocks. These liabilities cannot be covered without selling the stocks. The longer the market remains partially frozen, the more likely it will lead to extreme stress.

The chinese market is not a market.  A real market is pushed up and down on its own.  Its just a list of communist- companies people buy and the communists dictate the next day's gain or loss.  Stupid, a fake market.

The russians jumped into capitalism to quick and it shocked them real bad.  They basically had a 20 year recession. I thought the chinese were being smarter by easing into capitalism.  But now I see their mistake.  They are taking baby steps but its all pretend.  The booming capitalism they have is fake.  So they are getting shocked after each expansion period.

Im dissapointed in both.

Another first time since 2007-2009...

SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Chinese shares slid more than 8 percent on Monday as an unprecedented government rescue plan to prop up valuations ran out of steam, throwing Beijing's efforts to stave off a deeper crash into doubt.

Major indexes suffered their largest one-day drop since 2007, shattering three weeks of relative calm in China's volatile stock markets since Beijing unleashed a barrage of support measures to arrest a slump that started in mid-June.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Psychology of average people

So I was honked by two different people today.  I did not do anything crazy in either case and both involved a car from behind racing up to me before having to slow down anyways cuz of traffic or a red light.

This morning  I downloaded q2 earnings from the cameron website. Cam basically had a significantly lower eps than q2 of last year.  People got scared real quick because the stock price sold down almost 6% yesterday, but completely rebounded this morning.  So the people who sold might be wondering if they made the right decision.  But I say, wouldnt u expect eps to be lower this year compared to last year since oil prices are much lower.  I mean, what idiots were surprised and sold out of fear???

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

An apple a day

Apple’s share price fell sharply after its earnings hit this afternoon. Shares dropped to an after market low of $119.96—about three minutes after the report hit—from a closing price of $130.75. A decline of that order, 8.3%, isn’t unheard of in after hours trading. But given that Apple is the world’s largest publicly traded company by market valuation, that equates to a gobsmacking $62 billion in value. (For comparison’s sake that’s more than the market value of asset management giant BlackRock or consumer products company Colgate-Palmolive.)

But don’t pity Apple, pity yourselves. Because Apple has the largest weighting of any company in the S&P 500 stock market index, pretty much everyone with an index fund has an overweighted position in the Cupertino tech giant. Today we are all Apple. And it hurts.

I see the typical.  Everyone has a little apple, thats why it was so rediculously high, and many panicked together, starting a crash.  The most valuable company in the world, an american company, just got punched in the throat.  And now american equities will fall?...

A chain

Cameron stock has dropped a little lately since oil traded down.  Oil traded down since the dollar traded up.  The dollar traded up since the fed reserve might raise interest rates.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More signs

People are holding the same, high amount of cash they last did in 2008.

Bank of america's expenses are low just like in 2008.

All the us market needs is a catalyst that will spook americans.  The oil crash came and went.  China is crashing but noone cares since they are not the engine of the world like the U.S. is.  Greece gets headlines but its so small noone cares, just like gay marriage rights.  Something simple, big and negative which people like talking about still has to happen before the crash starts.  It might as well happen now since indexes are stuck at a ceiling, going sideways.  Something buzzworthy thats causes sell orders.